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20 mai 2013

7 metaphorical variations about customer conversion funnel [Infographic]

The tunnel conventionally represented as conversion marketing funnel is a simple representation; understandable that take place in a sequenced process of buying cycle (phase by phase), programmatic and convergent (closing and purchase).
Individuals who cross the funnel, according to pre-established scenarios (nurturing and (re) targeting content), are gradually "stored" (the spirit of classification / segmentation) in boxes (prospects, leads, ...) according to their progressive journey.
From a logical thought, even a mnemonic one , we fell in the overused model as if it were carved in stone.
Prospect / client experience, is first and foremost human and so shaped by belief, doubt, abandonment, mere curiosity, moody, zapping, heterogeneous and paradoxical behaviors, serendipity, irrationality ... Many intangible and moving elements which can’t be captured into conversion funnel .
As marketing practitionner I realized like others, that this mechanism of the funnel was too well-oiled, too simple even if it is accepted as a representation, a convention, a model for action.
Models are reducers of uncertainty, of complexity, simplistic they are not reality but they reassure.
Simulated somehow reality is more difficult and the prospect , future hot Lead or potential customer is above all a human being within which must be embodied Marketing and its actors.
Listen, (dis) engagement, conversation, sharing, positive or negative buzz on social media ... provide us daily proof that our tools, our practices, our KPIs ... are not adapted to integrate this human dynamic, complex and abundant . It’s clear that the new playground for marketers is the Social Web, 'living' Web, whose raw material is the Human before being the bytes of information.

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